May 31, 2010

Big Ferris Wheel in Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront

Ronald Bussink of  Switzerland designed this "London Eye" of Cape Town. It is being erected at the N1 entrance to the Waterfront. These photo's were taken today of the Big Wheel.  It looked like a giant Pac-Man biting Cape Town. At about 13h35 I arrived back and the circumference was complete. I will try post daily pics of the progress during the last 10 days until the World Cup kick-off. I will refer to our resident Ferris wheel as "wheel" throughout this post. released pertinent details of the "big wheel" that I found most informative. The wheel will remain here for 6 months under a contract approved by the city.  It is approximately 60m high, in comparison to the London Eye which is 135m in height. The cost will be about R70.00 a ride. Each ride lasts ±20 minutes with panoramic views of Table Mountain, Robben Island, Cape Town Stadium and the Paarl Mountains. Various pricing packages for families etc will be available.

 On the right is what the completed wheel should look like, at night.

"The wheel has 36 enclosed air-conditioned capsules holding eight people. Each trip accommodates 288 people. Running daily from 10am until 10pm (with the possibility of extending running hours until midnight), the wheel could accommodate 15 000 riders a day. At night it is lit up by 2 million LED lights, which consume only two kilowatts of energy an hour."

Converse Domaination AdWords Campaign

Converse Domaination from Ross Martin on Vimeo.

Converse use AdWords to create an interactive campaign around Google search. The first branding campaign to target "low cost", low competitive keywords that are targeted directly to their audience.  They related to what their audience were searching for and launched relevant campaigns every week. All campaigns pointed to Traffic flowed to the home Converse site and so the online consumer community grew. On the Converse website, check out the "play" tab for the fun stuff.

Kudos to Nick Soper for bringing this campaign to my attention.

May 27, 2010

Officially Hilarious Buddy The Boxer Blooper Reel

This is purely for a great laugh. It is the full version, super funny and worth watching every second. I have watched it repetitively and often find myself quoting parts from this video. Chris Forrest, comedian and voice over artist is the voice behind Buddy. You can catch a brief live show of Chris's here. It took me a while to decide whether to post this or not, but it still makes me laugh so thought I had to put it up. I sincerely recommend watching the Buddy video right to the end. No more tomfoolery, watch the bloopers!

Some might say you need to have watched the adverts to fully appreciate. At the end of the bloopers the other ads should display. Latest adverts mentioned by AdsMitchell of "Buddy the Boxer" include the Auris & Corolla.

May 20, 2010

Jeremiah Owyang Making Your Corporate Website Relevant

Jeremiah Owyang is a partner of Customer Strategy at Altimeter Group. "A strategy consulting firm that provides thought leadership, research, and consulting on digital strategies." The content coming from this mans blog is phenomenal. is Jeremiah's place to put his valuable thoughts on strategy and web statistics. This is where he put this epic slide for me/us to see, thanks! Timely and concise RSS feed with mature web developments, social media marketing and matrix diagrams. 

The slide - Takes you through 8 steps to a better, professional and sociably relevant website among a community. Each step is broken down to an: Example, Benefit and Challenge, with relevant examples. Very useful insights if you trying to incorporate social media into your corporate website.

"I strive to deliver insight on disruptive technologies and their impact on how companies communicate with their customers. I’ve been writing this blog since 1996" 

Find Jeremiah Owyang on twitter

Toyota - New Buddy The Boxer Corolla Advert

May 19, 2010

Waaam Drift Spectacular (Old School Videos)

Excellent views from inside a drift car around a track. See how fast it must feel at high speed. On the straight, about half way into this video you will see what I mean. The overpowering sound of the motor gives you the chance to appreciate.

May 18, 2010

Green London Bus Could Change Everything

Ads Mitchell - Celebrating 5 Years of the YouTube Community

Happy Birthday to You - YouTube

So last night I pulled all the highlights from this video and when I tried posting it, ran into HTML problems. That aside I found a fantastic Infographic today about YouTube. It has an even more in-depth time line than the video, with additional stats, information and fun facts. You can access the infograph here.

May 11, 2010

Ads Mitchell - The Epic Augmented Reality Debate


Layer is an augmented reality search app that enables you to point your phone and see restaurant menus, movie times and retail specials.  Imagine real-time visuals of your present area around you. I feel that it could open up a whole new marketing sphere in the world of search. Using 3D visual imagery for advertising your product on searches. Customising your area search around you for what you would require, would be of value. The Following is a quote from WebProNews regarding Layer, "First, a little about Layar's app itself.  It already has more than 1.6 million users, and serves 1.2 million augmented objects a day. Over 600 layers are published on the Layar Platform with over 2000 in development."

May 10, 2010

Ads Mitchell - Linkedin and Facebook Following Twitter

AdsMitchell twitter profile with bio and following

Jack Dorsay was the man behind the start of twitter in 2006. It took to the world and the world responded with tweets to tweople all around the globe. As far as I know, there has always been this idea of "following" another profile. An action that simply means, you like the persons content and wish to see more. Opt-in and completely out of free will. Twitter has also always had a "bio" field. A space where you can write and display a brief summery of yourself. See the red circled areas on the screen shots.

May 6, 2010

Ads Mitchell - The Social Media Revolution 2

Some really great additions and graphics to the Social Media Revolution videos. Erik Qualman or equalman, put together an epic post that I caught on Socialnomics - Social Media blog. The first one was fantastic and so is this! I included the first video in an earlier post of mine about consumer engagement and social media here. The same rocking song has been kept and it is an absolute pleasure to watch with the updated stats and visuals. Eric put together these statistics in his post:

May 4, 2010

Ads Mitchell - Piano Guy Is Viral From ChatRoulette

This video went viral and I can see why. It is very unique, funny and will have you laugh at some point. It is just that entertaining, well at least I thought so. The video has seen more than 3 million views for a good reason. For those who don't know, ChatRoulette is a social media platform that uses video and Instant Messaging to connect people all over the world. This one guy in particular freestyles songs relating to the person on the other side of the webcam.

May 2, 2010

Ads Mitchell - Castle Lager Spirit and the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Castle Lager really uniting the spirit of our country with this commercial. We are a diverse nation living together, teaching each other of our unique cultures and enjoying the good things South Africa has to offer. I really like this advert and wonder if it is possible to actually claim an advert as THE advert for the games? An excellent advert from Castle that touches on the unique cultural diversity of South Africans with soccer.