May 23, 2010

2010 - This Time For Africa With Less Than 3 Weeks To Go!

Press play and go straight back to what you were doing. If you wish, listen for a second time. Sincerely think about, Africa hosting an international event of world class standard in less than three weeks. 

Check out the Waka Waka dance campaign with some african brothers and sisters, as well as foreign folk on the Shakira channel! After watching this, I started warming to the song! 1song, 1dance, 1goal
Enjoy this time guys! We are living through future history, seeing it all first hand. Lets behave and give our country, our team all that we can. This is the time the world will remember us for. Waka Waka eh eh 


  1. Still not a fan of the song, I think it's very random and has got nothing to do with SA, starting with the singer. What annoys me is that FIFA wants people to think this is typical African music and speech.

    However I think that it's time now to stop complaining and start getting ready to celebrate and to be a great host the World !

    I know that German tourism got a big push from last year's World Cup, not to mention was able to show itself in a new light - as a modern, forward-thinking, open-minded and tolerant country. And that was by no means thanks to FIFA, the official song (an electronica track no-one remembers) or the opening ceremony where FIFA had to show us Germans dancing in lederhosen ! They really love to nurture these cliches.

    The people soon corrected that dusty image and demonstrated throughout the tournament what the country is really like. That's the way to go, SA ! Forget about FIFA and celebrate with the World, but like South Africans.

  2. I think its great that they are building a campaign around the song especially since it is a charitable cause. It has swung me from neutral to positive about the song.

  3. TravelDigital - Thank you for your input, I really appreciate your time. I agree with you on the singer not being African, this could have been a huge opportunity to push our local musicians into international markets. I was convinced about the song after seeing the good in the campaign that follows it.
    Alison - Thanks babe. As you said to me earlier, lets hope those funds for child education are coming to Africa and not anywhere else :)