Feb 28, 2010

Adidas Originals AR Game Pack

This would not be the video of the exploding shoes that wowed us all. That was good, but still nothing more than some fancy video image master experimenting. This is the release of the Augmented Reality Shoe Teaser going live. Thats right, the full augmented reality experience with your interactive foot gear. Remember when Nike brought out the "air" range? Remember how people then started putting lights in the souls of shoes, disco on every step? Both cases amazed us consumers of differentiation capabilities with our needed foot-ware. Well now augmented reality has hit shoes. When one speaks of engaging over and over in social media it really does become tiring, however to my understanding, Adidas are taken this feature a little further on social media platforms too. Adidas have done so...
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Feb 25, 2010

Audi Gets Viral on BMW &Toyota

Audi launched a YouTube advert to promote its new and sleek looking concept car called the e-tron, not imagining it would come to this. The video was released with the purpose to show the advantage of electric engines over the traditional combustion ones. Using an electronic lawn mower to do so may seem amateur, yet it has been a success. Regardless of the title, "Toyota Lawnmower Recall" Audi prove their objective at the end of the video by displaying this web address, ElectricityUntamed.com. The URL points to an Audi site giving browsers further details on the concept car. 
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Feb 24, 2010

Augmented Reality Compilation

Rendering images with virtual computer-generated imagery is fast becoming the new trend for companies, regarding their advertising and marketing efforts.It is with this real-time exchange medium that some large firms have put together campaigns, encouraging customers to buy. It is an added bonus of being entertained post purchase with an interactive item. I have put together a compilation of some of my favorite campaigns for you to enjoy, all in one place.
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Feb 22, 2010

Is This Really YouTubes Most Watched Video?

Astounded that this video is the most watched video on YouTube. "Charlie bit my finger - again" is the title and has seen over 160 million views. From the United Kingdom, the two brothers are filmed on a lazy boy lounger playing the fool. I am not sure if it is the "cute" factor or the simple viral spread these guys have had, that make it YouTubes most watched video. I am going to through some stats at you quick, just to emphasize how wide YouTubes reach is and therefore the extent of the title, "most viewed". 
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Feb 20, 2010

Google Voice

Google is again expanding their offering. If it's not the the Nexus One, Buzz, or Wave it has to be Google Voice. One telephone number for all your lines and you can exclude numbers. This makes it easier for someone to find you without them having to call each of your individual lines. Voice mail has a fantasic feature of converting voice messages to text. Think about when you get a voice message in a movie. Now instead of having to wait to listen to the message, you can view the message quietly in text format.  
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Feb 19, 2010

Is Tech a Language, What is a Browser?

Scott from Google went out on the streets of New York in Time Square to video survey people's knowledge of simple tech linger. The major question asked was, "what is a browser?". If you yourself can't answer this, well then you might find this blog content a bit silly, but you should certainly continue reading. However the results were scary, so you are not alone. Some of the funny answers that came from this were, a browser is: Google, Broadband, the "E" icon. "What is the difference between a search engine and a browser?" Video ↓ (read More)

Feb 17, 2010

Consumer Engagement and Socialnomics

It can be said without doubt that social media is here to stay. Consumers engagement has revolutionized the way small and large brands are communicating with their customers. To reach a person at their place of interest whilst browsing is a huge plus that traditional media such as radio, tv and print just have not attained. Sure they must not be declared obsolete, they should be used to compliment an integrated marketing campaign. However they are considered, "shout mediums". Unique web browsers of which there are ± 43mil in the world, experience the advantage of an opt-in delivery method from advertisers.
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Feb 15, 2010

King Ad from Burger King

Burger King launched a social media campaign earlier this week and it's loads of fun. The campaign is centered around the new addition to the menu, the 3 Cheese Angus. The website allows you to create your own custom T-Shirt to appear in the gallery and stand the chance to earn yours. You can also buy it, if you feel the urge. ****King cool idea in my eyes. The web page was very easy to navigate and as usual with most campaigns the initial flash upload to start things off. 
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Feb 4, 2010

Social Media Struck by Super Bowl

Social Media in thriving this year in the pool of advertising during the Super Bowl.The news has built up a viral hype with many corporate giants climbing into social media. Campaigns are impacting millions with interactive gratification. I must give props to Mashable for putting together such an educational piece! Some of the points I took from the script were:
  • GoDaddy - ManCrunch is a TV advert that pushes the boundary of what's acceptable to be viewed by the public. It has stirred up a buzz ranking 5th overall in Super Bowl advertisers bring drama to the scene. This generated views as the advert went viral. These guys share a moment going for the chips together. (read more)

Feb 2, 2010

The iPad AfterMath

Apple always seems to impress; does the iPad launch gratify a huge market? According to McGraw-Hill’s CEO, the first pro about the tablet would be that it would run iPhone applications. Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 the announcement was made, the Apple iPad was revealed. Bridging the gap between computer and mobile; the iPad comes with a whopping 9.7" touch screen and is sleek as ever, or is it? (read more)