May 18, 2010

Ads Mitchell - Celebrating 5 Years of the YouTube Community

Happy Birthday to You - YouTube

So last night I pulled all the highlights from this video and when I tried posting it, ran into HTML problems. That aside I found a fantastic Infographic today about YouTube. It has an even more in-depth time line than the video, with additional stats, information and fun facts. You can access the infograph here.

YouTube released a whopping cool interactive TV channel for their birthday. This has further highlights of trending videos over the 5 year time line as well as stories from millions of YouTube viewers. You can access the YouTube Birthday Channel here.

On the birthday spirit of fun and happiness, YouTube decided to orange box the following tags in video comments: OMG, FTW, LOL and FAIL. Any of these tags will be highlighted by YouTube in a orange box. This information was sourced from ReadWriteWeb. Find an example here

I am very enthusiastic to see where the world of digital video advertising and marketing goes. Hearing the entrepreneurial speakers at Net Prophet this year, I got insight into the development of the web and mobile web in Africa. I am positively enriched knowing that the digital divide is being "bridged". I am hopeful the development will benefit the entire online industry, South Africa and YouTube video sharing. 

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