Dec 14, 2013

WestJet Surprise Passengers for Christmas

Incredible Christmas surprise by WestJet. Passengers scanned their boarding pass to have a personal chat with a WestJet Santa Claus, but they took the conversation a lot further. Heart warming.

Nov 11, 2013

Ken Block's Gymkhana Six - Need For Speed Drifting

Ken Block returns in 2013 with his new Ford Fiesta ST and presents his latest drifting, Gymkhana video. A neat playground for the professional rally driver to shred some tyres and entertain, enjoy!

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Oct 12, 2013

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank is Amazing

This is a must watch, a telekinetic prank that seriously gets people moving. Like the classroom style working desks in the coffee shop. Telekinesis would definitely be my super power of choice.

Brilliant work for the movie, ha ha! Visit the website for more: or #flexlikecarry

Aug 1, 2013

Toyota RAV4 Outdoor Website in South Africa

Innovative idea to reach the outdoor Toyota RAV4 target market, they built a life-size website along a 1.8 km mountain bike trail in Bryanston Cycle Park, Johannesburg. Video explains the installation.

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Jul 25, 2013

Douwe Egberts Yawn For Coffee Vending Machine

Douwe Egberts is not new to clever vending machine activations, but I like that this was done locally at O.R Tambo International Airport in South Africa and turned over 210 yawns into smiles. Using facial recognition, tired travelers simply yawned at the vending machine to activate it and dispense their free cup of Douwe Egberts coffee.


Jul 23, 2013

Checkers - Gordon Ramsay Meets Nataniƫl

The new Checkers ad is quite funny, Gordon Ramsay and Nataniel in the same kitchen.

I'm going to try translate the Afrikaans for some:
  1. I'm here to make sure he doesn't swear.
  2. My aunt lies like that on the stoep when it's warm.
  3. Shame he's not that bad. 
Here's the making of video.

Jul 22, 2013

Beneful - Dog Rube Goldberg Machine

Who doesn't love a Rube Goldberg machine video or puppies? Beneful brings the cute factor to this one and presents you with the "Dog Goldberg Machine".


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Jun 18, 2013

Jun 15, 2013

#PubLooShocker - Brutal Prank

Leo Burnett is hitting people hard (again) with his No Drinking and Driving, "THINK!" campaign. Here's his latest piece of brutality, just some guys washing their hands in #PubLooShocker. Thought they'd show a message as a 'cool down' after the prank, but that's now reached over 6 million views!

May 27, 2013

Coca Cola - Happiness Without Borders

Coca Cola's clever small world vending machines helped bring the people of India and Pakistan together. Two cities that are, "only 325 miles apart, but seemingly worlds apart due to decades of political tension". Find out more about Happiness Without Borders.


Apr 2, 2013

Danny MacAskill's Imaginate Series

Danny MacAskill is back and pushing the boundaries with a new project, Imaginate. A six-part series taking us inside Danny's mind for what looks to be his most ambitious work yet. It is absolutely inspiring to see how far Danny has come with his trials riding, massive respect!

"With this kind of project, I've got the kind of free reign to build the kind of setup that will allow me to do the kinds of tricks that have just been in my dreams up until now" - Danny

Update (19/06/2013):
After a long wait, the project is complete and here is the result:


Feb 22, 2013

Mini Cooper Backflip on Snow

French rally driver, Guerlain Chicherit lands an insane, 'world first' backflip in a Mini John Cooper Works. Below is raw footage from a slightly different angle, shorter version, well done man!


Feb 8, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 Movie Trailer

Those street racers are back, again! Fast & Furious 6 on the way, not sure what to expect from the sixth movie in any series, but there seems to be a few surprises. Wwaaaaaaaaaaaam tsssshhhhh.

Feb 7, 2013

LEGO Happy Holidays Campaign Case Study

I spent many hours building LEGO master pieces as a kid and to this day I always smile when I see LEGO. There wasn't any internet, apps, tabs or even pocket money then and that's partly why I like this so much. Build LEGO props, take pictures and submit - simple! It was named, Brickmented Reality. Brilliant. Enjoy the happy holi'play' campaign case study.


Jan 24, 2013

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Child of the 90s

This is a pretty good follow on from the recent Microsoft ad, "IE Sucks". If you were a kid in the 90's, there's plenty of good old-school memories you will relate to. They say

Jan 19, 2013

Epic Bike Compilation - Mountain, Tricks and Drifting

Some of the best mountain bike riders, from all extreme disciplines going big, great scenes from 2012. Seriously talented (big balls). Used the same track from Grinding the Crack, 'Sail' by Awolnation. via

If you like drifting, this one's for you. If you like two wheels it's even better, insane skills - enjoy!

Jan 18, 2013

Coca Cola Counting Calories in New Ad

Coca Cola trying to create healthier living habits. Questionable or innovative, leading from the front?