Jun 27, 2020

Five Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships Compilation Video

Please click the video headline and watch it on YouTube, so you can use the timeline chapters.

This is a Royal Caribbean cruise compilation combining five cruises together in one video. This is by far the most ambitious video I have edited to date, but after our 2020 Royal Caribbean cruise from Barcelona to Copenhagen was cancelled, I started going through our video footage from previous cruises and decided to start pulling out all the clips that aren't included in our shorter cruise videos, all those extended scenes that had to be cut short can now be seen, and many hours later the footage now has a place to live on YouTube, which makes me very happy, even though it's almost an hour long.

Please use the chapeters in the timeline, by watching this video on YouTube rather than this website, to navigate to certain Royal Caribbean cruise ships, cities or cruise entertainment highlights.

We pondered over "five cruises in five years", because 2014 to 2019 is actually six years if you count 2014 as 1, but if you minus 5 years from 2019, you get to 2014... 5 year plan successfully completed either way :)

Royal Caribbean cruise summary:

Liberty of the Seas
Barcelona, Marseille, MOnte Carlo, Pisa, Rome, Naples

Vision of the Seas
Venice, Kotor, Corfu, Athens, Mykonos, Kefalonia

Quantum of the Seas
Shanghai, Sakaiminato, Fukuoka, Kumamoto

Symphony of the Seas
Naples, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Marseille, Florence

Serenade of the Seas
Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Visby

As Royal Caribbean say, I guess we are 'loyal to royal', We worked hard, saved hard and travelled hard, which is not that easy using South African currency, we're both very grateful for these experiences and love cruising, as we get to see multiple places in one overseas trip. Cruising is also pretty stress free, if you get the drinks package, everything is basically bottomless onboard in terms of food and drink, plus the only thing you need to carry is a small plastic card (Seapass card), no wallet, no cell phone and everything you need is around you.

The general vibe onboard is a safe space, so swimming and leaving the camera and bag on the lounger is no sweat and people are generatlly awesome - you meet people from all over the world and we've met South Africans on every cruise. Hopefully one day, the world and travel industry will return to normal.

Shorter cruise videos of this compilation per ship:

Thanks for reading this far :)

Jun 19, 2020

YouTube Chapters Is A Great New Feature

YouTube started testing Chapters earlier in 2020 and on the 28th of May YouTube confirmed Chapters are here to stay and available to all who upload videos to the platform. I missed the announcement and found Chapters in a video last week, which led me to investigate further.
Chapters is a fantastic new feature that will benefit both content creators and viewers, by allowing people to jump ahead to parts in the video straight from the timeline. This feature will likely be best suited to longer videos for things like recipes, tutorials, news, travel or documentary videos.

Applying Chapters to your videos is easy, all you have to do is add timestamps to the video description, starting at 0:00, each chapter should be 10 seconds long (9 seconds worked for me) and you should have atleast three chapters listed in ascending order.

Here is what YouTube Chapters looks like and how to apply them:

YouTube Chapters - standard timeline

YouTube Chapters - timestamps in description
This is fully customisable

YouTube Chapters - implemented

YouTube Chapters - further along the timeline

YouTube Chapters - mobile search result

When I searched on mobile for YouTube chapters, they seem to be indexed on the Google results page and allow people to deep-link into a chapter of the video straight from the search result page. The timestamps become links in the video description once saved. This makes me think that Chapters might be used as a ranking signal in the near future - we all know how mobile usage and video consumption is increasing year-on-year, so I predict Chapters may play a role in video Search Engine Optimisation. I love the feature, although I find it a bit strange that Chapters doesn't seem to work when videos are embedded off YouTube. 

See it in action on my How To Make Pineapple Beer or Five Royal Caribbean Cruises videos.