Oct 16, 2016

Meerendal MTB Trails

This is my forth mountain biking video made in the Tygerberg area and includes drone footage from my friend Stefan, who got some really cool aerial footage. The trails and flora are particularly awesome this time of year, I'm glad I waited to make the video until now. Whether you like relaxed single trail or fast downhill riding, Meerendal has it all, including a pump-track.

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Oct 13, 2016

Danny MacAskill's Latest Video - Wee Day Out

He has done it again folks! This time on a dual suspension bike with new tricks. Danny MacAskill just released, "Wee Day Out" and it is another great video from the Red Bull trials biking legend. The things this man does on a bicycle is just incredible, even if they take 300 attempts.

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Oct 12, 2016

Mad Mike Drifts Franschhoek Pass at 248km/h

Anything action sports and I'm interested. Anything local action sports and I'm even more interested. I've been following the build up of the release of kiwi drift driver Mad Mike's #ConquerTheCape video since the teaser was released a couple of weeks ago. Finally it is here. Enjoy watching him drift the Franschhoek pass in his 515bhp Mazda RX8. Full story here.

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