May 18, 2010

Green London Bus Could Change Everything

The London Bus - a.k.a, the AEC Routemaster is going to be revived. caught the latest update. London folk will feel proud being part of a new age, a part of modern technology and traveling with hybrid power. That is right, a green friendly public transport system. The new bus will be 40% lighter on fuels and emit 40% less emissions.

An open platform London bus, with the following in mind:

  • windows going up the staircases so you can see out the entire time.
  • three doors - if the bus is empty they can close doors off for efficient control.
  • expected launch is in 2012, just in time for the Olympics.
  • prototype building is on the way already in Northern Ireland.
  • not sure exactly how many they are producing?
  • manufactures are Wrightbus.
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