Jan 19, 2011

Mini vs Monster Truck Advert

At first glance this Mini advert seems to be just an entertainer without much reference or information regarding the product. However, on further inspection they clearly have put a lot of effort into trying something new. Set in Las Vegas at the Sam Boyd Stadium, the monster truck attempts to clear the 15.52 meters of the Mini family (convertible, clubman, hatch and countryman). What makes this advert special is that it is the first to use 3D slow-motion technology and if you have a 3D ready screen, be sure to check out the 3D version. For more information and pictures, see the official site and to see if the driver really made it first time, see the 'making of video' for this Mini advert.


Jan 10, 2011

McDonald's Now Serving McFriend's with Smiles!

McFriends by McDonald's from Kyoko Takeshita on Vimeo.

Mc D's bring something new to the table with a side serving of social sauce for your meal. Brilliant if you are a loner who has no friends and need company whilst devouring a plastic sugar rush. Mc Donald's is the biggest provider of free Wi-Fi  in the United Kingdom, and this might just make some folk a bit more cheery. An experience similar to Chatroulette, but with people wearing clothes and eating in a civil manner. You really could have your Mc Donald's meal with anyone around Britain.


Jan 7, 2011

Abstract KitKat Art: Have a Breakism

What does a blank piece of art in a Netherlands gallery mean? It means nothing really, but the intrigued are attracted to this plain canvas. Colour association with unique positioning for this brand. Gazing a little closer and the message becomes clear... BOOM, a surprise from a friendly brand with a happy message. Just rest your eye's at this piece cause you're having a break! Enjoy the show and find your nearest shop or vending machine and ..have a break, have a KitKat.

Word: Stuart Deveril