Aug 22, 2010

Athlone Towers Blasted Early for the Right Weather

This is such an awesome video by Adriano Bottega of the experience in Cape Town. On the 22 August 2010 the two Cooling Towers at the Athlone Power Station fell to the floor in about 9 seconds (from video). Nicely recorded man, epic tune and slow motion replay! The towers were built in the 1960's and have now marked another permanent move toward better infrastructure and a faster moving South Africa. Congratulations and respects to all who helped bring them down smoothly (looked like was going to tip..), safely and providing an area for public viewing.


Aug 19, 2010

Virgin Atlantic Plane Makeover Time-Laps Movie

Virgin Atlantic plane livery time-lapse movie from johnson banks on Vimeo.

This is an exceptional piece of art and you will never look at another plane the same again after seeing this. The chaps propped cameras around the hanger and recorded their progress. When played back at an accelerated speed it really is something brilliant to see, on a plane I mean. You know when you about to board a Boeing 747 or even an Airbus and you walk toward the plane (best when it's outside) - planes are HUGE pieces of mechanic genius! Watch this video and tell me you are not proud of what man-kind has achieved during our time on earth. Virgin Atlantic is a company that one can admire. Click on Richard Branson to find some more about him. Strange he does not own his web address.
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Source: Dan from an idea and creative generating place Idea Bounty


Chatroulette: Scary Approach to Brand Awareness (Parental Guidance?)

The hype is starting to build around the release of The Last Exorcism in August 2010 and with a radical approach, this time on Chatroulette. My take on it is simply this. I never knew the movie was coming out until today, this is how I got notified about the movie and this is what got me talking about it. I think they utilised the ability to pull off something shocking, perfectly matching the theme of the movie (kind of matches Chatroulette too). The two kids in the single frame looked too young for the movie, but if you watch the kid (in the blue, not the red), he says "what the f*c*" when surprised.

Imagine we could measure the amount of views and it's conversion rate of who saw the movie. The total number of views for the original video is just under 3000 so it's not massive, but I'm sure the total reach is far more and at what cost? Next to nothing.. enjoy and catch the website/trailer from here (as above)


Aug 15, 2010

Dexter Series - Season 5 Video Trailer (what is going to happen now)

If you have not seen to the end of session 4 or are not a Dexter fan, then this is not for you (sorry, but have a look anyway if you are a fan or not). Dexter Morgan plays the role of a 'blood splatter expert'  for the Miami Police forensics department, while carrying a very 'dark passenger' through his everyday life. Tallying up trophies and taking out the trash should disgust most, yet it keeps me hooked and on his side (most of the time). I understand it to be released in the US on the 26th September, so may be a while before on South African television. What is he going to make of things this time round? I can't wait!

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Aug 9, 2010

Subaru Drifting / Gymkhana by Ken Block (best driving I've seen)

This video blows my mind and if you are a car fan, this is really for you. Ken Block shows his skills in his wick'ed 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi. Let the movie load and then enjoy, 1 minute intro is worth it all in the end. It is really impressive to watch among all the millions of movies out there in its class. Fast corners with the back end out, crazy big donuts, tight maneuvers and look out for the 360 through the hanger! The action continues in the video below too.

Ken Block takes to the snow with the action of snow boarders along side. I have been water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding etc. since I was a kid and when I saw a snow boarder being towed into a kicker ramp, I had a huge "oh yes" moment. Subaru recently launched the "get more g's" campaign with awesome short drifting clips driven by BMX legend Dave Mirra.


Aug 5, 2010

Pablo Francisco's Mexican Music in 2006 (prepare to laugh)

A classic performance by known comedian, Pablo Francisco. Pablo does the 'preview guys voice' better than the 'preview guy' does his own voice! After hearing that Pablo was performing in Jo'Burg, I sat waiting to hear if our souls in Cape Town would bear witness to the stomach ache from laughing so hard, of Pablo Francisco's funny voice impersonations. This video is a classic of his sounds, music and singing talents. I heard last night on "Tonight with Trevor Noah" that Pablo would be coming to Cape Town in about 4 months time. That is around December time, so still hopefully this year! Looking forward to seeing him at the Nandos Comedy Festival. I for one am very excited to see the show. I went to the last Nandos show and it was brilliant!

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