Apr 29, 2010

Ads Mitchell - Toyota Auris X Sport Advert - Where Buddy Gets a New Friend

Dzzzz this clip should get you laughing if you liked the other Buddy the Boxer Dog adverts. Buddy gets a new friend and they are arguing over the new Auris X. I came across this video from @MichClarke and @bangersandnash on twitter and it is certainly a favorite - Thanks and nice one for making me laugh!

It is really inspiring to see clever and entertaining ideas being used by marketers in this world of almost endless products and services. Toyota brought in Buddy the Boxer last year with the corolla and he has become liked and generally known as a brand associated pet on TV. So much so, you can follow @buddytheboxer on twitter. According to Totally Mad, "two of the commercials in which he featured made the Millward Brown Adtrack™ Top 10 Most Liked list for 2009." 

This advert is April the 23rd 2010, new!

Apr 28, 2010

Ads Mitchell - The Most Expensive Commercial

This advert says it is the most expensive commercial. Some of the figures are unreal and I wonder if it brought in enough return, but I really enjoyed it! It is a car advert for the Honda Accord. The slogan, "isn't it nice when things just work" fits this video perfectly and you will see why if you watch it. It is said to have cost $6.2 million with 606 takes and re-takes. Apparently it is all real footage and no computer graphics were used, mmm.

Apr 26, 2010

Ads Mitchell - Iron Man 2 AR Experience From Your Webcam.

Iron Man 2 is coming out in theater's on the 30 April 2010. If you can handle the quick down loadable app and the long load time (I was using slow wireless), it is worth it. Your web cam puts you in the suit of Iron Man, you can also view yourself with the mask open & climb inside with dial visuals. You can also record and share your experience! They give your avatar a bit of a persona with 10 voice prompts that speak to you. Memorise them and you can have a full conversation with Iron Man before seeing the movie. 

To access the web site and augment reality experience, Click Here

Apr 23, 2010

Ads Mitchell - Flash Mob Cape Town Waterfront in May HaHaHa!

That's right, at the V&A on the 2nd of May at exactly 11.11am we are all going to represent World Laughter Day! Next to the amphitheater, in the open area where the flag mast is. Where that mime used to perform. There is a group on Facebook that has all the details and moves that we are going to perform. Hundreds hopefully, of people all doing exactly what they read at exactly the same time. 

If recorded would be awesome. Find out more from the page. Click here

Apr 21, 2010

AdsMitchell - Windows with Built in Views

Operate the view outside from your iPhone. With technology, you can now have an awesome view anywhere in the world. I am sure it comes at a price and you may have to wear a device to experience the view, but this video is really funky. You can live on a hill next to the Golden Gate Bridge, under water with an aquarium surround or have a front seat on your very own train!

Apr 19, 2010

AdsMitchell - Mobile Technology Continues to Grow

Could you live without your mobile phone? Answer would probably be that you would be lost without it, feel like a part of you is missing. The mobile industry is certainly one that many marketers are harnessing to reach mass audiences. According to wiki a whopping 82.9% of the South African population were accessing the internet from their cell phone in 2007 already. This figure has grown since then and with the rapid development of android smart phones, we will see an even larger increase in the future. I have compiled a fun list of videos relating to the mobile advertising and marketing industries, which I hope you will enjoy. 

Apr 6, 2010

AdsMitchell - Ubisoft Splinter Cell Augmented Reality Launch

I am a huge fan of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. A video game that takes time to master and is great when you do. In the day, I went and bought the trilogy and clocked them all. I have the 4th (double agent), but working from a laptop have not played it properly yet. The game is set as 1st person shooter and is a true test of stealth and action. It seems like Sam Fisher is now on a mission to find those who destroyed his family. Ubisoft are launching the 5th game in the sequel with an innovative approach. Using augmented reality to provide consumers with an interactive pre-purchase experience, brilliant!