Oct 27, 2010

The Social Network Movie - Bloggers Preview

I was recently given the privilege of seeing The Social Network before it's official release in South Africa, thanks to 2oceansvibe and Ster Kinekor. After eventually making it to the cinema (another story) and collecting our wee free popcorn and coke, it started and we were happily seated. Directed by David Fincher and without giving too much away, I will say that I enjoyed the movie. I found it inspiring to see the determination Mark Zuckerburg has and the belief in something without hesitation. I think many entrepreneurs will find wisdom here. I enjoyed seeing his drive before he looses control. "The Facebook" gets bigger than expected and well you will have to go and see it for yourself! Walked away being well entertained, a few laughs and saw a couple of scenes that I never expected to be watching on a big screen any time soon.

Mark Zuckerburg is played by Jesse Eisenberg, his algorithm contributing friend Eduardo Saverin is cast by Andrew Garfield and the evil influence of Justin Timberlake as Napster's Sean Parker. Great job by all and nice to have further insight into what I thought was previously just a rumour. Whether you on Facebook or not, you could take something away from this movie.

Two reviews that I have seen thus far by: David Alves and Jason Adrian

"You don't get 500 million friends without making a few enemies"

View the video trailer here

Oct 21, 2010

Nissan Juke Action Game Adverts

If you can appreciate a modern day gaming environment and cars, then this advert will hit home! The Nissan Juke 1.6 turbo, all wheel drive was launched with a series of these dramatic game style adverts. The one above is set in a scene where the Juke has to conquer a giant metal car crunching machine. I was sold by this advert simply by the narrator mentioning the word, "turbo" 3 times throughout. The final advert in the series comes out on the 9th of November 2010. It is kind of like an intro tutorial to a new level in a game, but leaves the consumer with a clear image of the car/product and is entertaining enough to make one remember it. *side note* the car I would most want to own happens to be a Nissan.


Oct 19, 2010

Ambi Pur's Augmented Reality in a Retail Store

Total Immersion surprised Spanish shoppers by setting up a clever and interactive in-store-promotion with a difference. Customers held up their Ambi Pur product and experienced a unique shopping experience. They say that reaching customers whilst in the act of shopping is very effective on sales. This usage of Augmented Reality in a retail store is one that I feel added value to the consumer and the brand. It seems like customers used refill cartridges to spark off the experience. Refills mean that they were also encouraging people to get their old Ambi Pur's releasing goodness again, rather than switching and trying a competitor. Enforcing the brand in a very cool way and I am almost sure it resulted in people buying the extra "auto sprayers" too. A nice touch to the display is that it also released the fragrances as a "sample" to the audience whilst being entertained; mmm this store smells awesome :-)


Oct 4, 2010

Red Bull Interactive 3D Projection Art on Snow

Red Bull - Off The Planet 3D projection mapping was created by ENESS in Melbourne Australia. Red Bull snow board riders and skiers took to the ramp that came to life as they jumped over it and soared through the air. In the middle a 20-foot "sphere" was the object to clear. Not just any object though, they used infrared cameras that enabled the imagery to follow the riders as the jumped over the ramp. The arrangement of colours and visuals is excellent to watch and being a lover of technology and all adrenaline releasing sports, I really enjoyed this.

Source: Gizmodo and Das Modular's twitter feed