Nov 19, 2010

RedBull Trials Bike "Way Back Home" Short Film

RedBull brings the story to life with an epic short film starring Scottish trials biking legend Danny Macaskill. The phenomenal settings along his journey from Edinburgh, north west to his home town in Dunvegan, Isle of Skye makes watching it a pleasure. The quality of the video is amazing and although it is a longer clip than I would normally post, this is worth every second (especially from 3.20 minutes). I visited the Edinburgh Castle in 2008 and gee wizz, but the front flip off the edge in the beginning is rewind and watch again material. I used to ride BMX in my school days and even though it's a completely different discipline the Tailwhip he pulls off his camper at 6.33 minutes is awesome. Also check out this interview with Danny which hosts some behind the scenes footage of the "way back home" project. Initially when I posted this, the video had over 800k views, four days later and the video has now totaled over 2 million views.

Nov 16, 2010

Cars 2 Animated Movie Trailer

Disney and Pixar are to release the Cars 2 movie in 2011 and this time they are out to save the world. A post on AutoBlog recently caught my eye and brilliantly explained the up comings as follows:
"It looks like Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater are jumping back on track to fight a bevy of international evil doers in the Cars 2: World Grand Prix. Along with going fender to fender with the best racers that the world has to offer, the dynamic duo will be joining forces with British Intelligence. Judging from the trailer, there will be auto kung-fu, car chases, missiles and plenty of destruction. Sounds like a good time to us, er, we mean the kids."

Source: Simon Spreckley and Hannes Oosthuizen on twitter and AutoBlog


Nov 12, 2010

Facebook Serving as the Ultimate Daily Diary

A really nice thought, that looking back at our Facebook profiles in 20 years time will be visually gratifying and a long trip down memory lane. Even looking through profile pictures back to the very first, I for one had a good laugh at how young I looked then (still am). An excellent video by Maxime Luere that has changed the way I will look at uploads and updates. Not just as current news, but a future investment of memories.

Source: FurlongPR


Nov 11, 2010

Toyota Auris Hybrid 3D Projection Mapping

The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive has the unique ability to recycle it's energy and the projection mapping is spot on in displaying this. For a car lover it just makes it even better, especially the Transformer type movements in the beginning/end and the way the car is brought to life by the visuals. A great piece of work by Glue Isobar in London and the tag line of the campaign being, "get your energy back". This was revealed in October this year, but I just wanted to remember it here as it's simply one of my favourites.