May 28, 2020

Mind-Blowing 70 Step Basketball Trickshot

This is one of the best Rube Goldberg machines I have ever seen. Trickshot expert (since 2014) Cree took one month to build this at his home, and another month to get it to work - that is a bucket load of dedication for the shot. The video was filmed in one take without any cuts or edits. I think it's incredibly smooth, especially with the aerial and fast moving shots of the course. Very fun to watch.

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May 26, 2020

How To Make Pineapple Beer

This is a few weeks late with level 3 lockdown restrictions announced this week, allowing the sale of alcohol from 1 June in South Africa, but I wanted to document this anyway as it tasted pretty good and it's my first attempt speaking to the camera. When my booz started depleting during lockdown, I went on YouTube to learn how to brew my own 'beer', this is obviously after I had conquered banana bread and all the other lockdown must-dos. I took what I thought were the best tips from multiple people and created my own recipe. Seven days later, the end result was fantastic. So much so, that we immediately started the next batch, the very next day. I'm no expert, but this recipe and method worked, plus it definitely had a kick, so it's worth trying, even if just to learn about brewing basics.

Pineapple beer making has increased massively in South Africa since lockdown restrictions banned the sale of alcohol. After the first batch of pineapple beer, we replaced the pineapples with apples and raisins with the exact same method and it produced a very pleasing cider drink.

The recipe:
  • 4x pineapples (or apples and raisins for cider)
  • 2kgs of brown sugar
  • 2x 10g sachets of instant/brewers yeast
  • 23-24L of water
The method:
  • Clean everything (scrub the pineapples with a brush)
  • Chop pineapples with skins and place in the brewing vessle
  • Pour sugar into the brewing vessle
  • Fill with warm water - only half way so you can dissolve the sugar (stir)
  • Fill the rest of the brewing vessle with cold water
  • You want the overall temperature of your mixture to be about 26 degrees celcius
  • Add both sachets of yeast (if the water is too hot, you will kill the yeast and prevent fermentation)
  • Stir well and seal the container, leave it alone for two days
  • Thereafter stir it once a day for five days
  • On day seven, you're ready, strain the mixture into another container to remove the pineapple chunks and then bottle - you can drink it immediately. 

DIY airlock

The airlock is essential, I read you can use a glove, but it might give your mixture a rubbery taste, I tried this initially and it popped off my container, so I quickly made the airlock, details in the video.

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