Jun 27, 2010

Huge Coca Cola Man Takes a Seat in Cape Town

I saw a big red structure from the balcony of my house. Knowing that a giant Coca Cola man was assembled in Johannesburg, I thought could this be Cape Town getting one? I popped down to confirm my suspicion and indeed it was. The scaffolding is all in place and they are currently attaching the crates. 

say hello to Elliot

 The Coca Cola guy is a staggering 18m tall (16m in Joburg) and weighs just over ±27 tons. The man wears a whopping 4200 empty Coke crates (2500 in Joburg) and according to sources listed below, they will all be recycled when taken down. I think the reason for the extra crates is because in Cape Town, Elliot is sitting down rather than standing up. I spoke to the chap in-charge (Porky) and he said the Coca Cola man will be here for a full year, because they want the celebrations to continue long after the World Cup. It is situated at the V&A Waterfront at the "sea" entrance to the residential marina.