Jan 27, 2010


Tim Walker, mayor of The Independent described Foursquare as, "putting social networking in its place". The biggest thing to hit social media for 2010. Foursquare is location-based and is mobile friendly. A social network with geo-social metric capabilities will ensure you are informed with ideas, comments, suggestions and tips on any query. 

Jan 26, 2010

Coca Cola "Happiness Machine"

The Coke machine that keeps on giving. That's right Coca Cola have given away tons of free Coke. In this video they set up in a college cafeteria and recorded the surprise on peoples faces. Coke have posed the question, "Where will the happiness strike next?" I'd love to know! 

Jan 24, 2010

Google's Nexus One Censors Your Curse Words

China and Google, a problem with censorship. The speech-to-text feature on Google's Nexus One would filter out your swear words in a text situation. Now it appears that the Nexus One's voice recognition ability converts swear words into #### signs. The vanity censored! Mashable brought this Android knowledge  to my attention.