Mar 22, 2011

Red Bull Augmented Reality Racing

Red Bull is no stranger to the world of creative, interactive and engaging advertising. This great idea provides an interactive and innovative way to entertain the consumer, allows gamers to challenge other racers and you can opt-in to be notified in real time if you are beaten on the leader board. The beauty of this is that you get to create the race circuit and it promotes repeat interaction from the gamer. Check out the game site.

If you are in Cape Town this weekend, be sure to catch the Red Bull F1 car tearing up Marine Drive (details).

Cheers: Mobile Marketer


Mar 18, 2011

Sydney Opera House Projection Mapping

A unique 3D Projection Mapping celebration, this time only a sneak peak and on tricky surface. The full projection will be happening on Sunday for the Grand Finale of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. I am impressed at this one in particular, because it's not your normal symmetrical building. Any ideas as to where the projection rig is?

Cheers: Google


Mar 14, 2011

Lynx Excite Fallen Angels Augmented Reality

The Lynx Excite angels who represent the new fragrance from Axe, surprised the public at Victoria Station in London with a fantastic Augmented Reality installation. I like the venue choice and positioning within the station as many people could enjoy the experience at the same time from the big screen. Catch the video advert ("even angels will fall") or see the Facebook page for more.

Cheers: Buzzilla


Mar 11, 2011

Hot Wheels 3D Projection Mapping

Unbelievable! The best 3D projection mapping that I have seen to date, for its theme, usage of the area and overall storyline. Hot Wheels brought some really cool animations into this activation at Customs House in Sydney, Australia. Cars, fire, skulls, sharks, pistons, racing and speed are all in this! Two thumbs up, click play and ENJOY.

Cheers DigitalBuzz


Nissan's Sneaky Test Drive Tactic

Titled, "The accidental test drive" the new Nissan Patrol gets other SUV drivers to do exactly that. They used the Nissan Patrol, fastest in its class to park other SUV drivers in. Leaving a note on the windscreen, "Soray had to run, feel free toget inside and move car sorry" to entice them to move (test drive) the vehicle. As the car started it woke up with a voice coming through the audio, boasting about the cars features perfectly. Sneaky way to get people in the car, but they do apologise for it in the introduction which I liked. Over 78% converted and booked a real test drive!


Mar 10, 2011

Citroën C3 "Bip Bip" Advert

The H Agency have produced this cleverly funny advert for the Citroën C3. Although it is claimed to be set in France, I noticed a few scenes from Cape Town in the advert. This "Mr Bean" looking chap who drives an old car, brilliantly acts out the catch phrase for the advert with sounds that most modern day cars make. Bip Bip