Apr 13, 2011

Magnum Pleasure Hunt Browser Game

Magnum are launching a new ice cream into their pleasure range. At first glance this looks like another common browser game, but this my dear friends completely blew my mind. Running around the web collecting as many bonbon's as possible in search of the ultimate pleasure is the aim. The user feels like the stage is set over many websites, but it is explained to be one big giant banner. The game incorporates Facebook Connect and allows you to challenge friends via email request once you reach the final pleasure. It truly is impressive how they integrate the images with game play and without further adieu CLICK HERE to play!

I'm swinging on a screen, just swinging on a screen.

This chick is seriously talented!

A Saab that runs on bonbon's
Dun dun dun, I will leave what comes next a surprise.


Apr 7, 2011

KLM - Fly2Miami Dance Flight

KLM kicking backsides again using social media and proving that they, 'take their customers seriously'. Reopening their flight from Amsterdam to Miami was done with a bang! The dance floor in the sky, which set a new Guinness World Record came about from two DJ's (Sied Van Riel being one) wanting the flight to be about a week before! In return for acknowledging the request, they promised to fill the plane! KLM heard, responded, picked eager passengers wisely and the, "It all started with a tweet" campaign was born with the #Fly2Miami hashtag. The flight must have been uniquely high and incredible.. if you're a non smoker?

Cheers: viralblog