May 11, 2010

Ads Mitchell - The Epic Augmented Reality Debate


Layer is an augmented reality search app that enables you to point your phone and see restaurant menus, movie times and retail specials.  Imagine real-time visuals of your present area around you. I feel that it could open up a whole new marketing sphere in the world of search. Using 3D visual imagery for advertising your product on searches. Customising your area search around you for what you would require, would be of value. The Following is a quote from WebProNews regarding Layer, "First, a little about Layar's app itself.  It already has more than 1.6 million users, and serves 1.2 million augmented objects a day. Over 600 layers are published on the Layar Platform with over 2000 in development."

Medical 3D visuals could be a huge cost saver. I have heard that now your x-rays are given to you on a CD. What happens to the company that makes those big print outs of your insides? #thoughtsofmygf? 
These glasses enable doctors to see things that were not possible before and with such ease. One may have to have x-rays and pay hundreds for them, or be augmented and diagnosed immediately. If anyone has a figure on how much an augment consolation would cost, please send my way! Who knows how accurate they are, but still an interesting area for this technology. Lets see if it develops! I found a much earlier post similar to this technology from two double oh seven that also uses goggles/classes from BMW, find it here.  

 Can I have the terminator theme please

Some see no value for it to consumers or internet users. Some think it is the 8th wonder of the world and others are just not quite convinced. I for one am going to say that I love seeing new augment reality campaigns. This is a booming industry that I say will take-off as an everyday utility. In time to come, when smart phones become the normal per capita. released a post that compares smart phones to "dumb" phones, which you can catch here.

These videos were sourced from - Medical Blog and thanks to them for the insightful thoughts. To quote an epic piece from their article, is the origin of augmented reality.
“Tom Caudell, a researcher at aircraft manufacturer Boeing, coined the term “augmented reality” in 1990. He applied the term to a head-mounted digital display that guided workers through assembling electrical wires in aircrafts. The early definition of augmented reality, then, was an intersection between virtual and physical reality, where digital visuals are blended in to the real world to enhance our perceptions.”  

See a compilation of funky augment reality campaigns here

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