Dec 8, 2022

Gymkhana 2022 With Travis Pastrana in Florida


Wow! These Gymkhana videos always amaze, now Travis Pastrana grinds a rail like a skateboard and jumps over a helicopter with his 862 horsepower Subaru Wagon. Speeds up to 165MPH were reached for the jumps. Enjoy 10 minutes of epic driving and the beautiful sound of this Subaru. 

Nov 9, 2022

Fabio Wibmer's Video Game Film Grand Theft Bike

RedBull's Austrian trials bike rider Fabio Wibmer has just released his latest video, combining amazing bicycle skills and tricks with Grand Theft Auto style gamification. The film took 50 days to shoot and apparently the bunny hop from bench to bench with a tailwhip exit was the hardest trick that took the most attempts. It's thoroughly entertaining and an extremely brilliantly done video.

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