Feb 19, 2010

Is Tech a Language, What is a Browser?

Scott from Google went out on the streets of New York in Time Square to video survey people's knowledge of simple tech linger. The major question asked was, "what is a browser?". If you yourself can't answer this, well then you might find this blog content a bit silly, but you should certainly continue reading. However the results were scary, so you are not alone. Some of the funny answers that came from this were, a browser is: Google, Broadband, the "E" icon. "What is the difference between a search engine and a browser?" Video ↓ (read More)

It does become hard for an online marketer to fully explain to people of little "tech know" what they do. The market is ever expanding as does technology, but it is also very specialised, which makes it challenging. With forty three million unique internet users worldwide, it amazed me that so many use it without knowing the basics. The opportunity for people to take advantage of this poses a pretty scary thought. Here is the video to illustrate this further.

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