Feb 28, 2010

Adidas Originals AR Game Pack

This would not be the video of the exploding shoes that wowed us all. That was good, but still nothing more than some fancy video image master experimenting. This is the release of the Augmented Reality Shoe Teaser going live. Thats right, the full augmented reality experience with your interactive foot gear. Remember when Nike brought out the "air" range? Remember how people then started putting lights in the souls of shoes, disco on every step? Both cases amazed us consumers of differentiation capabilities with our needed foot-ware. Well now augmented reality has hit shoes. When one speaks of engaging over and over in social media it really does become tiring, however to my understanding, Adidas are taken this feature a little further on social media platforms too. Adidas have done so...
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by creating a photo collection element to the experience. I would have to get a pair first to fully back this. Maybe something better than what a screen-shot can offer? I would assume there be a micro-site where shoe owners could share funny images that they experienced. Will we start seeing more and more augmented reality products this year? I hope these campaigns keep coming and that advertisers really invest some good resources into producing higher valued goods. Get ready for an awsome video as the foot gear crawls over your screen, the Adidas augmented reality campaign is sure to be huge. I can't wait to watch the feedback and exchange of pictures and stories; will be keeping a close eye on it. Please guys, comments and feedback are welcome. If you think there is something you can add to this, please do.

enjoy the release of actual visual imagery features on shoes!

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