Feb 25, 2010

Audi Gets Viral on BMW &Toyota

Audi launched a YouTube advert to promote its new and sleek looking concept car called the e-tron, not imagining it would come to this. The video was released with the purpose to show the advantage of electric engines over the traditional combustion ones. Using an electronic lawn mower to do so may seem amateur, yet it has been a success. Regardless of the title, "Toyota Lawnmower Recall" Audi prove their objective at the end of the video by displaying this web address, ElectricityUntamed.com. The URL points to an Audi site giving browsers further details on the concept car. 
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Although Audi have been known for their competitive advertising as illustrated with an advert against BMW, they say this was not an attack on Toyota. A report by Brand Channel states that Audi admits to making the video, but it was released in September last year which was before Toyota had their major 8 million vehicle recalls worldwide. Toyota had issues with the accelerator pedals getting jammed, which makes this video so hilarious. To my understanding the video was not released with the Toyota title. It was added more recently by an anonymous party, which contributed to its viral impact of nearly 500 000 views. Enjoy this, it had me in hysterics for a while, granting several views. Maybe simple things amuse simple minds, but it's really funny.

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