Feb 15, 2010

King Ad from Burger King

Burger King launched a social media campaign earlier this week and it's loads of fun. The campaign is centered around the new addition to the menu, the 3 Cheese Angus. The website allows you to create your own custom T-Shirt to appear in the gallery and stand the chance to earn yours. You can also buy it, if you feel the urge. ****King cool idea in my eyes. The web page was very easy to navigate and as usual with most campaigns the initial flash upload to start things off. 
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I really enjoyed this one and will be singling out individual campaigns like this in the future, as I find them; or they start trending in news. I have selected the viral Ad for you to watch. To my knowledge the campaign was promoted with traditional mediums too. 

Quote, "get your mits off my "....king" flame grilled Angus beef!"

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