Feb 24, 2010

Augmented Reality Compilation

Rendering images with virtual computer-generated imagery is fast becoming the new trend for companies, regarding their advertising and marketing efforts.It is with this real-time exchange medium that some large firms have put together campaigns, encouraging customers to buy. It is an added bonus of being entertained post purchase with an interactive item. I have put together a compilation of some of my favorite campaigns for you to enjoy, all in one place.
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Sure there are a few snags or barriers to Augmented Reality (AR). First being that one is required to have a webcam and in some cases a printer. A web-installed plug-in also complements the list of necessities to engage with this medium. However it is brilliant and I feel that we will see a whole lot more AR campaigns during 2010. May I mention that these videos are mostly around a minute in duration each, so enjoy easy viewing.
Doritos Sweet Chili

Samsung LED TV Series 7 at Home

New BMW Z4 in 3D

Adidas Originals Shoe Teaser

Mini Motor Car Advert

James Cameron's Avatar Toys Demo

The first Quadicopter Remotely Controlled by your iPhone

Interactive 3D Gift Card - Home Depot

Esquire's Magazine, Augmented Reality Issue

Stella Artois Le Bar Guide and iPhone App

Nissan created this website which actually has you print off a steering wheel and interact with a Nissan driving experience. If this sounds like a bit too much work, then you can view a demo too. http://takethewheel.nissan.com.au/

I hope you have enjoyed this compilation of AR campaigns. Remember to vote your experience on my blog on the left hand side of the (big red shoe) Adidas video. Thanks and watch this space for more campaigns to come in the future. If you know of any AR videos that I have not mentioned, please send them my way on my contact page or leave a comment directing me.


  1. Great post Adam, loads of very cool examples of AR, thanks!

  2. Excellent Matt. My pleasure, glad you enjoyed!