Feb 22, 2010

Is This Really YouTubes Most Watched Video?

Astounded that this video is the most watched video on YouTube. "Charlie bit my finger - again" is the title and has seen over 160 million views. From the United Kingdom, the two brothers are filmed on a lazy boy lounger playing the fool. I am not sure if it is the "cute" factor or the simple viral spread these guys have had, that make it YouTubes most watched video. I am going to through some stats at you quick, just to emphasize how wide YouTubes reach is and therefore the extent of the title, "most viewed". 
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According to UKOM and Furlong PR, YouTube has experienced growth of up to 150% over the last 3 years. Streaming a whopping billion plus movies everyday. 16.9 million or 43% of UK unique browsers visited the site last month, hence the growth percentage. YouTube reaches nearly half the worlds total internet users and therefore amazes me that this video has been published as, "most viewed video on YouTube" 

The family: Charlie, Harry, Shelly & Howard were interviewed by married UK chat show hosts, Richard and Judy a year after it was posted on YouTube. The video was posted as a gesture by Howard (father) to show the kids God Parents in the US, the boys. As silly as I think this video is, it has spread like wildfire and even had people posting imitations of the boys. These rip-offs can be seen in the interview link. The viral fame has led to quite a following and with some searching I found the, "Harry and Charlie" blog which hosts further information, pictures and videos. On the contrary to the titles sarcasm, I share it with you anyway. 


  1. Dude, check out..."The Evolution of Dance"...I believe that is the most watched vid on YouTube. The video is ranked at an astounding 137 Million views...beat that!

  2. Yeah David that is a funny vid and one of my favourites, thx. Huge number error on my part. Was not 16 million, but 160 million views this video has seen.

  3. Aaaaahhhh...I see, that was actually my bad for not checking your vid on the Tube first and foremost...apologies man!

  4. Not at all, was a great spot on your side and I'm grateful you noticed! As many times as I had read over it, that slipped my eye. An awsome day further to you mate! See more of David here → http://davidanthonyalves.wordpress.com/