Feb 17, 2010

Consumer Engagement and Socialnomics

It can be said without doubt that social media is here to stay. Consumers engagement has revolutionized the way small and large brands are communicating with their customers. To reach a person at their place of interest whilst browsing is a huge plus that traditional media such as radio, tv and print just have not attained. Sure they must not be declared obsolete, they should be used to compliment an integrated marketing campaign. However they are considered, "shout mediums". Unique web browsers of which there are ± 43mil in the world, experience the advantage of an opt-in delivery method from advertisers.
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To marketers, being able to catch consumers at their "magic moment" of interest and target users by demographic segments, means great things for both advertiser and consumer.

Engage with your audience:

    • research your consumer and social demographic factors, listen to them. Use Google and social media search algorithms to gain insight into your customers behavior. Learn what interests them in order to better your success rate being more probable. 
    • interact with relevant content for your audience to begin the exchange. With social media a consumer dedicates a certain amount of time to explore what is trending on the screen in-front of them. When finding something of potential interest, the customer activates an ad. At this "magic moment" is when you, the marketer have a chance to engage. This is a crucial time in your campaign.
      • ensure a good user experience for your consumer. Ensure all channels are communicating the same message to ensure maximum ROI on your marketing, try avoid having too many silos. Remember you want the visitor to feel as if they have left their mark somewhere with your brand and engaged as they wished. Keep-up the relationship, communicate back and respond to messages and feedback as much as possible.

        Facebook fan pages and twitter accounts have massive potential to reach thousands or millions of interested users, who have the ability to share content with their thousands or millions of followers, fans or subscribers. Customers are now interacting with brands at their chosen moments of received advertising, instead of just having a message "shouted" at them. Filling in a poll of a user experience on a site with number buttons "1-5" is a simple way of having a consumer interact with your brand. Not only does the consumer leave feeling like they have left their mark, but they will return to see how they compared with others. Speaking of which, please place your vote at the bottom of this page on the left hand side and leave your mark!

        Consumers interact with a brand, but now have the chance to network and interact with other people who have similar interests. Example, a Facebook fan page; people can write wall posts and leave comments that are visable to all other fans. They connect with the brand and have the means to communicate with others related to that brand. This gets the exchange and engagement going, which starts to develop into relationships. This should be cultivated and nurtured for a sustainable future between, brands and consumers.

        "Magic Moment" anywhere, anytime

        Web1.0 was seen as the platform where customers consumed and that was indeed, just that. Web2.0 allows for mutual consumption and exchange. If in the first 1.0 you could only read...now in 2.0, you can read and write. Big brands such as, Dell, Coca Cola, Doritos, Pepsi and plenty others have endorsed social media marketing campaigns and seen huge results. Measurablitlty is debatable, but watch this space for further updates breaking this article down into more focused areas. 

        "For those not convinced, here is a presentation for you. The adrenaline building tune playing in the background and useful info help get one through the mind blowing 4.23 minutes of shear social media facts" 

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