Feb 4, 2010

Social Media Struck by Super Bowl

Social Media in thriving this year in the pool of advertising during the Super Bowl.The news has built up a viral hype with many corporate giants climbing into social media. Campaigns are impacting millions with interactive gratification. I must give props to Mashable for putting together such an educational piece! Some of the points I took from the script were:
  • GoDaddy - ManCrunch is a TV advert that pushes the boundary of what's acceptable to be viewed by the public. It has stirred up a buzz ranking 5th overall in Super Bowl advertisers bring drama to the scene. This generated views as the advert went viral. These guys share a moment going for the chips together. (read more)

Many advertisers have chosen to use FaceBook groups and fan pages to promote a brand in a positive interactive manner. Some of these savvy organizations include the following:

  •  Coca Cola has as always uniquely influenced their power house brand being the 4th most trending of Super Bowl advertisers. Share a bottle of Coke on FaceBook and stand a chance to preview Super Bowl adverts. Excellent! As an input from me, Cokes mission and ultimate goal is to make a drink available to you any where in the world 5 minutes away.
  • Budweiser are to occupy 5 minutes of viewing time and have used social media to encourage you to vote for the ad. you think is best for the spot.
  • Target, although not one you would expect to see here are using social media. Themed around Valentines Day; voters choose a charity and Target gives away $1 million.
I think we all know enough about the Pepsi efforts with the Refresh Project. The NFL have also climbed in asking fans to tag their tweets and  Flickr photos with a SB44 hashtag (#SB44), providing an interactive Super Bowl interface. I for one am so excited during this entertaining social media frenzy. If the results are positive, imagine the great news headlines presented to those not convinced. 

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  1. Yay Adam, that's very interesting. I have read a study on last year's Super Bowl advertising and, surprisingly, even though the big advertisers equally spend millions on their television commercials, only Coke managed to stick in people's minds using a holistic approach of TV, but also web, social media and mobile and getting people engaged with the brand across different media.

    I think that today's marketers should not limit themselves to a single device but rather be ready to deliver their relevant marketing message anytime and via whichever medium people choose to use. Besides, customer engagement is key to establish lasting relationships with clients.