Mar 30, 2010

AdsMitchell - Getting Love on Two Other Blogs

Being fairly new to the world of tweeting and blogging (±4 months), I was extremely grateful last week to receive mention on two other blogs. There is no compliment more than knowing someone heard you and acted on it. Both mentions last week were results of positive engagement. I approached both people, giving them love in the form of a blog comment and an idea I suggested. It really makes me smile when people take the time to return the favor and thus two way communication. If someone makes the effort to react to something you say, I believe you should acknowledge this in some way, return the favor or both.

The first being Scott Ellis with his blogs description as follows, Technology Translated: Making IT Make Sense. An entrepreneur from Dallas who is currently building mobile apps at Verizon. An IT lover and partner of several tech websites. Last Friday Bronson Harrington mentioned Scott through twitters #FollowFriday and this led me onto his blog and a post that I really liked regarding simplifying life. I thus followed Bronson by leaving a comment on Scott's post. Through Bronson, I ended up engaging with Scott via #FollowFriday and he was inspired to write a post recognising that individual follow friday messages may still work. This led to the first AdsMitchell mention

If this key was real I would hit it over and over again to describe the people mentioned in this post.

The second being from Adrian of Secret Cape Town. I noticed hype 3 weeks ago toward this profile on twitter. The idea behind their purpose, I thought was simply brilliant. They are said to release good bars, restaurants, events, attractions and general secret spots in Cape Town. I have been enjoying a particular view point in Fresnaye since I was in high school. I used to go most evenings and watch the sun set. This place has also seen many good times had with mates enjoying the views. I decided to mention this place to Secret Cape Town to see if they would love it as much as I do. This spot has a kind of secretiveness about it and thus perfect to suggest.

A week later I was engaged by Secret Cape Town saying they went, watched a beautiful sunset and loved it. Adrian informed me on twitter that he would write up a blog post on this spot soon. The very next day I went back to check his blog and there it was, with the name I suggested, "The Rock". He wrote such an awesome little post about the place and mentioned AdsMitchell for my suggestion.  

 I take my hat off to the people mentioned in this post. Thank you for reciprocating and making me a part of your awesomeness.

It has been said that I have excellent table manners and a general good sense of courtesy. Maybe this has something to do with the stars (cancer - star sign), not that I believe in this, but I'm told we are caring people. So for me to have been mentioned by these two fantastic people was a real honor and I am truly grateful. At this point you should note to self if you mention my anywhere, I will respond. 

Thanks to Bronson, for being an awesome mate on twitter and for putting me in touch with Scott. Thanks a million to Scott for the awesome mention and rocking reply to my comment. Thanks to Adrian and @SecretCapeTown for acting on my suggestion and responding so kindly.   


  1. You say you've only been blogging a short while, but I think you've mastered the good part in record time - getting involved, sharing and adding value to other peoples lives - this is something that many fortune 500's wish they could do correctly.

    Adam, your openness, honesty & friendliness will stand you in great stead for the future and ensure that you not only have a readership, but a following.

  2. Bronson - WOW mate, your words almost bringing a tear to my eye. Feedback like what you have given is priceless and always appreciated. I would sincerely like to thank you for THREE things: 1. Taking the time to write your comment 2. For the inspiring compliments that means more to me than you could know. 3. For breaking the ice by commenting so this post doesn't look like no one saw it. I will do my best to keep learning and maturing as time goes by. Much respect, kudos and appreciation to you bro!

  3. You're welcome. Thanks again for the tip. Let me know if you have any more.