Mar 27, 2010

AdsMitchell - Rising Sun is a Private Palace on Water

She sits solid in the water! Larry Ellis's yacht claiming instant respect as I gazed over the superb exterior finishes. I can only imagine what the inside would be like, with these statistics that leave you saying, "one day" with doubt. This awesome yacht, boat, vessel or great wonder of cruisers is currently at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. 
Read on for: sizes, suites, pics & all on-board amenities!!

Can you imagine? I saw a basketball hoop on the rear patio. They probably have hundreds of balls or guard rails that pop up to prevent the over board from happening! Unless they just shooting, maybe it's bigger than it looks!

The following info was written by fosfor gadgets 
The link above is correct, the initial banner can be misleading.

Some other facts about Larrys yacht The Rising Sun:

Length: 452.75ft (138 m) long
Cruising speed: 28 knots
Four diesels giving an output of 48 000 horsepower.
Production cost: US$200+ (In fact, it’s for sale.)
Total living space: 8 000 square meters.
Huge inside swimming pool
Extensive wine cellar
A cinema
Basketball court that doubles as a helicopter pad
Suites for 16 guests
82 rooms on five storeys
Space for private submarine

Larry Ellison is the ninth richest man in the world and founder and CEO of Oracle. He’s worth around $18 billion, so he can afford to have a boat of this magnituted – even if it costs over $13 million each year to just maintain it…

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