Mar 10, 2010

AdsMitchell - Who is Google and What do They Want?

Fun at first glance until the Darth Vader in Google is revealed. The video was released Monday this week and really strikes Google with a hard blow to the head. Google is something we all know, so much so that it has been declared a word. Spelt without a capital letter, "to google". A verb said to be used when searching the internet. So even on Yahoo or Bing, you can still google away. I am a big fan of infographics, using images to convey information. Much like this video does to show the enormous power Google has acquired and hopes to acquire, over the rest of our internet existence. Google has acquired 30 companies in the last 9 years ...

They even wish to own the cables that deliver the internet and the electricity that powers it too. Wouldn't that be great, Google plan a Telkom & Eskom take over. Google wishes to connect, control and determine our every move on the world wide web to offer us, "the user" a better experience. 
Is this taking it a bit far toward a complete monopoly over a supply chain?   

I am all for Google. I'm able to provide a value added service because of Google. I am certified by Google to handle Google's Advertising Program so the harsh aspect mentioned here, I am not in favor of. I wish to spit on them because we all know we can't live with, or without Google. We have a love/hate relationship with Google. It has been here from the start with us searching! 

exit phrase from the Infographic Video

"Google, building an empire on your street, on your phone, in your DNA; trying very hard not to be evil"

Ladies and Gentleman, Google may be your parent!

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  1. is it bad to say I like the smaller font? maybe it's my screen monitor.
    i ♥ Google! would be lost without it!

  2. Not at all, thanks for the feedback SB! Has been noted! =D

  3. majority rules, 1-0 - easy win in ghost ville! haha