Mar 21, 2010

AdsMitchell - Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Based on a true blog, inspired by a legend; @David Alves wrote a post that caught peoples eye. The simple truths put down here on Swimming Upstream v2.0 is what promoted this article. Along with a challenge from @MattVisser! The idea was brilliant and to even attempt being as openly honest and reveal some truths about ones self, was actually quite fun! We communicate almost every day and not all of us know where we have come from and who we really are. So here are part of my naked truths: Read More!

  1. I am the younger brother of two. Four years older than me, he has been a mentor to me my whole life. Right down to learning how to stir my tea or Nesquik from an early age of about 6/7. I used to move my whole hand in the direction, instead of just using my wrist. That's a life lesson if I ever knew one. Some say we look alike, but I don't see it.                                    
  2. Born and raised proudly South African, living on the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town most of my life. I have had a view of the stadium throughout the entire development and it looks awesome! I have done a fair amount of traveling for someone my age and I still find something about CT to appreciate every single day.                                                                  
  3. I have been, "beat orientated" since just after I turned 13. I saved and bought myself a Pearl drum kit, which has been with me ever since. I was called the beat master by a friend in school. I am also passionate about djembe (African) drums and used to play every Monday night on clifton beach, until it was eventually abolished by fooking cops & foreigners that were only in town 2 weeks of the year, buggers! Water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, hiking and camping are all things I have been doing for fun since shortly after I learnt to walk. I recently started body boarding again and loving it! Friday last evening at Llandudno was epic!                                                                                                                        
  4. I was a boffin in primary school, stealing all the gold stars and an average student through high school. I studied through UNISA accompanied by Varsity College lectures and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Communication Science and Management. I have also just passed both Google AdWords, fundamentals and advanced search exams and plan to carry on going as far as I can for what is necessary. I am aware some people collect 5c coins, but I never keep 5c coins and think they should be canned.                                                                                    
  5. I have luckily always lived near my schools and places of employ. Living in town I am also always against traffic, so I have never been a 5am person, but I like enjoying my day. I wake up around 7 weekdays & after 8 on the weekends, but this is subject to change on any day.  Can I please take this time to quote a paragraph from the person who inspired this post? Davids post about his unknown things, regarding morning people:                                                                                                                                                 "I am not a morning person.  Morning people should be shot, hung, drawn and quartered.  Then spat on, burnt, have their ashes placed in an enema chute and distributed to Cing-Cing’s most dangerous criminals, then shat out, recollected and then mixed with the tar that’ll be used to pave the road to I-Will-Kill-You-If -You-Talk-To-Me-Before-8AM-Ville™.  Got it?"                                                                                                                                            

    This is the most descriptive I have seen someone in a while mate! It had me laughing at my desk!                                                                         
  6. I have been a happy boyfriend for the past 3 and half years. We met in college and kept something good going. I broke up with her to go live in London. We kept in touch throughout my travels though and luckily she ended up taking me back. In the end it was clear to me to cherish my best female friend. I am only 23, but have dreams of getting married, buying a house and starting a life together. I heard in a movie the best answer to this question, "how did you know she was the right girl to marry?" Answer - Easy, she is my best friend. I also have a mate who is like my brother from another mother and has always been part of my whole life since I can remember. Confidential, don't even ask for names!!                                                                                                                                                                          
  7. I am a lover of alternative/rock (drums) and a HUGE fan of all lounge music (djembe). I love music that I can't understand the lyrics to, like Brazilian or Spanish lounge. I have odd tastes in music, but love anything with a good melody and beat. Props to Goldfish for proving me with hours of enthused listening!                                                                          
  8. I never litter! Unless it is biodegradable. I can't fucking stand people who have no respect for nature and leave behind more than just their foot prints. I'm no vegetarian, but I BELIEVE this is something we all have to be aware of. An entjie out the window, nooit man! That bottle that is left amongst a few, come on!                                                                                      
  9. Pet Peeve - Bad Drivers: I absolutely can not stand people who don't INDICATE!! It is like these new cars don't come with indicators. Is it cool to swiftly change lanes without indicating. To these people: for F-sakes, there could be a bike or car flying up your ass that you don't see. Just let know EVERY TIME you change, even if you look back and it's clear! INDICATE!! (watch Facebook for a "just-for-fun" group on this soon, here). With me it is all good manners and acknowledgment. Manners always - If you cut me off or pull some stupid shit while I have NB people on board, acknowledge that you fucked up and all is forgiven, otherwise you are just a douche and deserve to crash into the nearest bus. I am the first to admit if I step out of line, just in case you were about to take me wrong. Don't hog because you can! Say you going the speed limit in the fast lane at 120km and some toss wants to take the chance of being caught speeding, pull left and don't make them brake! If the person wants to speed, let them. It may just be 20km over the speed limit they are going, but pull into a slower lane for a sec and then go back. Prevent cars flashing you, prevent yourself from an accident! Leave your opinion below or on FB!                                                                                                
  10. I have always had an obsession to get things right, like spinning a book on ones finger. Doing that loud whistle. Got that waxed in 2 different ways. I can whistle loud breathing in and out. I also have a whistle that almost mimics the sound of the old blue tickie box, moving my tongue up and down, whilst whistling. I also had to get spinning a pen around my fingers right and to this day, every time I am holding a pen and not writing, I'm spinning! I try control this in seminars or meetings. I love flatulence in public areas where no one can hear. The average human does it 14 times a day! We all do this, I just always think of that stat when I do, as I look around me.   
So here you have my reveal of the points based on the post written by @Green_Guerrilla. I hope this has given you further insight into my being and what makes me tick. Now looking forward to Matts version of his truths! I think we should all tell more than what fits into the, "about me / bio" section. Maybe we should have another session in a couple months to share some more? 

OverShare is the new Hello! 

I will respond to each comment individually, because I believe in two way radios!


  1. Adam, you bloody loon! Love it, now I suppose that you actually went and did it, you're expecting me to as well? Flatulence..? erm...

    With you on the littering thing, it's just short-sighted really.

  2. Matt Visser - Indeed I am expecting a fantastic article from you in the not too distant future! Don't worry I would never expel my flatulence whilst eating a meal with company. Thanks for the comment bud!

  3. i knew most of this stuff, except for the music.

  4. SkinnyB - Oh shit, have you heard one of my sneaky farts before? :) You know me well missie, thanks for commenting!