Mar 8, 2010

AdsMitchell - State of the Internet, Written!

The purpose of what we have to do in this world, all plays a part in a monitored facility. Gathering and using data to ones benefit is key to long term success within any industry. A viral sensation was recently posted and I think its safe to say that, it impressed us all. I took this opportunity to put it all on "paper", so to speak. The stats filled an entire A4 page length of bullet points. I have processed it as best I can and if your feel up to it, I have included the video too ...

I am a firm believer in short videos, 3 min max length for me most of the time. 
This, "State of the Internet" video dives in and is worth the 3.52 minutes of interesting, fun and factual information.  
All the points from the video:

There are a total of ±1.73 billion internet users world wide (Sept. 2009). In order from most to least, the continents with the most users are:

  1. Asia - - 738 257 230
  2. Europe - - 418 029 796
  3. North America - - 252 908 000
  4. Latin America - - 179 031 479
  5. Africa - - 67 371 700
  6. Australia - - 20 970 490

"millions, billions and trillions will be abbreviated to three letters" 

  • Facebook serves 260 bil page views per month, thats more than 6 mil per minute
  • A massive 37.4 tri page views per year
  • Facebook needs 30 000 servers to operate and they are growing
  • 350 mil people have profiles on Facebook
  • 2.5 bil pictures uploaded each month on Facebook
  • That's 30 bil pictures uploaded per year
  • 90 tri emails were sent throughout 2009
  • An average of 247 bil emails are sent each day
  • 1.4 bil EMAIL users  world wide
  • 81% of emails sent were spam
  • A claimed 200 bil emails sent per day are spam mail. 
  • Does that mean only 19% (47 bil) emails sent globally per day are proper?

  • 234 mil websites exist as of December 2009
  • 126 mil blogs are on the internet as tracked by BlogPulse
  • 84% of social network sites have more woman users than men
  • 27.3 mil tweets are posted on twitter per day (Nov. 2009) 
  • 4.25 mil follow Ashton Kutchers alias profile @aplusk 
  • 4 bil photos hosted by Flickr (Oct2009)
  • YouTube shows 1 bil videos per day
  • 12.2 bil videos viewed per month on YouTube in the USA
  • The average internet user views 182 videos per month (USA)
  • 82% of the internet users that view videos are from the USA
  • 148 000 new zombie computers are created per day. These are used in botnets for sending spam etc. 
  • That's 2.6 mil malicious threats, quoted at the start of 2009.
  • The majority of social networks are in the north eastern parts of the world.

"the video follows with Launch Dates of all Major Social Network Sites from 2005 to 2010"

information aesthetic. Where form follows data

"weather it's called state of the internet or THE state of the internet, it's still inspiring!" Imagine where we will be in a year from now, or 5!

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  1. wow thats amazing, the internet really has taken over!