Sep 22, 2010

Nothing Sticks Like Quattro, Says Audi Using Toy Cars With Magnets

Audi put smiles on the faces of the lucky bunch who witnessed the toy cars stuck to just about anything metal around the Toranto International Film Festival. An extremely clever idea that stuck to the tag line, "nothing sticks like quattro" to the letter. I found it funny to see (or how the video portrays) that once  people starting taking the cars off and realising that it was fine to do so, they all started following. I think it is clever, because the cars are "cool" branded items that I think every person who got one, would most likely display it somewhere visible. I reckon it would have been awesome to take home a pocket Audi R8 and put it on my fridge. Would have put the word on my mouth for sure. Find out who the brilliant people responsible for the making of this were, from the link below.


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