Sep 3, 2010

Tipp-Ex Interactive Video Campaign Going Viral - Hunter Shoots Bear

The interactive videos that I have seen in the last few months have been of a very high standard. Tipp-Ex or shall I say "BIC World Stationary" have released this epic story video that is supper cheesy, but should make you laugh. The ability to get people involved with the brands message or product in a fun way, drives viral behaviour and this campaign is doing exactly that (right now, here). Of course the share buttons are well in your face to share the experience, but I think the action of the viewer is so relevant. It makes you re-type things, like you would when using the product (ok, writing on paper instead). According to Chris Rawlinson, 50 video responses have been made and I recommend you try some of the cool phrases in his post by linking to it here

I like how the videos on the second landing page show a views amount image. SHOOT has 750 283 views and DON'T has 750 283 views - exactly the same, I wonder why. At this present time, the welcome video has been watched 685 890 times. So maybe this is a prediction, a fraction below their target amount of views. I am sure they will exceed or reach 100 000 more views soon. I do not want to give anything away, but whatever you choose it directs you to the same place. The video just gets brilliant from there on so play with it when you have some time. RRAAAARRR (man bear runs wild). I chose to type the same headline, "shoots" after a while and was glad that they took care of this finer detail. I reckon next time I use Tipp-Ex (may be ages from now), I will think of these videos. Have fun with it..

Added note: I looked this morning at the YouTube video and less than 24 hours later it now has 1 208 451 views. Massive! On the 7th of September, just 4 days later the video is sitting just shy of 3.5 million views. Considered a viral campaign, great job Tipp-Ex. Also added, I liked the 404 error message if type is unknown and the parental sensory on explicit actions, still entertaining.


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