Sep 28, 2010

IKEA Bring The Street To Life With 3D Chalk Art

On the Streets of Australia IKEA created an optical illusion that I think is just brilliant, interactive and fun. This was done to celebrate "60 years of the IKEA catalogue". A kitchen setting was drawn on the side walk with chalk. Chalk art along with very cleverly placed physical objects like: mugs, a pan, glasses, plates and even a dog at one point (not part of the catalogue I'm sure) contributed to a unique effect when looked at from the right angel. I found it odd that although this was done in Sydney, Australia there seems to be no 'Australia' option on their website's (.com) landing page when selecting your location. Nor is there a South Africa, but this we know as well as further competition for Game, Makro and Trade Center couldn't hurt anyone. However the video does state the Australian IKEA web address and you can find it here. The soundtrack used to compliment the experience is an awesome one!

Source: Digital Buzz Blog


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