Sep 7, 2010

Google Doodle of Balls in HMTL5

Google Bouncing Balls in HTML5 Canvas from Rob Hawkes on Vimeo.

Google brought their logo to life today with multiple balls for each letter that enticed an awesome interactive experience. This is an excellent recreation of the Google doodle in HTML5 that was done by Rawkes this morning. I think this video is excellent because it is not running off Google servers and networks, but a recreation so the effect is much quicker. Fast, fun and interactive is how Search Engine Land described Google's new logo/doodle. There is speculation that it is a birthday present to Google, but people are unsure at the moment. If you know please comment below. It was a well received effort judging by the response on twitter today. Search Engine Land say something might be announced at tomorrow’s big search event that "Google is holding". Catch the post by Rawkes here. You can also see a recording of the original logo experience in plain script here.

Source: Richard Woodling on twitter and


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