Aug 19, 2010

Virgin Atlantic Plane Makeover Time-Laps Movie

Virgin Atlantic plane livery time-lapse movie from johnson banks on Vimeo.

This is an exceptional piece of art and you will never look at another plane the same again after seeing this. The chaps propped cameras around the hanger and recorded their progress. When played back at an accelerated speed it really is something brilliant to see, on a plane I mean. You know when you about to board a Boeing 747 or even an Airbus and you walk toward the plane (best when it's outside) - planes are HUGE pieces of mechanic genius! Watch this video and tell me you are not proud of what man-kind has achieved during our time on earth. Virgin Atlantic is a company that one can admire. Click on Richard Branson to find some more about him. Strange he does not own his web address.
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Source: Dan from an idea and creative generating place Idea Bounty


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