Aug 9, 2010

Subaru Drifting / Gymkhana by Ken Block (best driving I've seen)

This video blows my mind and if you are a car fan, this is really for you. Ken Block shows his skills in his wick'ed 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi. Let the movie load and then enjoy, 1 minute intro is worth it all in the end. It is really impressive to watch among all the millions of movies out there in its class. Fast corners with the back end out, crazy big donuts, tight maneuvers and look out for the 360 through the hanger! The action continues in the video below too.

Ken Block takes to the snow with the action of snow boarders along side. I have been water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding etc. since I was a kid and when I saw a snow boarder being towed into a kicker ramp, I had a huge "oh yes" moment. Subaru recently launched the "get more g's" campaign with awesome short drifting clips driven by BMX legend Dave Mirra.



  1. I could watch these clips 17 more times before the next hour. And then try beat that in the next hour. Ken Block is a legend!

    More G's FTW!

  2. Thanks Lara - yes he is. These videos had been bookmarked for the last few months now and eventually decided after repetitive watching, that I had to post them here.