Aug 5, 2010

Pablo Francisco's Mexican Music in 2006 (prepare to laugh)

A classic performance by known comedian, Pablo Francisco. Pablo does the 'preview guys voice' better than the 'preview guy' does his own voice! After hearing that Pablo was performing in Jo'Burg, I sat waiting to hear if our souls in Cape Town would bear witness to the stomach ache from laughing so hard, of Pablo Francisco's funny voice impersonations. This video is a classic of his sounds, music and singing talents. I heard last night on "Tonight with Trevor Noah" that Pablo would be coming to Cape Town in about 4 months time. That is around December time, so still hopefully this year! Looking forward to seeing him at the Nandos Comedy Festival. I for one am very excited to see the show. I went to the last Nandos show and it was brilliant!

Catch @Pablo_Francisco on twitter.


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