Aug 19, 2010

Chatroulette: Scary Approach to Brand Awareness (Parental Guidance?)

The hype is starting to build around the release of The Last Exorcism in August 2010 and with a radical approach, this time on Chatroulette. My take on it is simply this. I never knew the movie was coming out until today, this is how I got notified about the movie and this is what got me talking about it. I think they utilised the ability to pull off something shocking, perfectly matching the theme of the movie (kind of matches Chatroulette too). The two kids in the single frame looked too young for the movie, but if you watch the kid (in the blue, not the red), he says "what the f*c*" when surprised.

Imagine we could measure the amount of views and it's conversion rate of who saw the movie. The total number of views for the original video is just under 3000 so it's not massive, but I'm sure the total reach is far more and at what cost? Next to nothing.. enjoy and catch the website/trailer from here (as above)


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