Nov 19, 2010

RedBull Trials Bike "Way Back Home" Short Film

RedBull brings the story to life with an epic short film starring Scottish trials biking legend Danny Macaskill. The phenomenal settings along his journey from Edinburgh, north west to his home town in Dunvegan, Isle of Skye makes watching it a pleasure. The quality of the video is amazing and although it is a longer clip than I would normally post, this is worth every second (especially from 3.20 minutes). I visited the Edinburgh Castle in 2008 and gee wizz, but the front flip off the edge in the beginning is rewind and watch again material. I used to ride BMX in my school days and even though it's a completely different discipline the Tailwhip he pulls off his camper at 6.33 minutes is awesome. Also check out this interview with Danny which hosts some behind the scenes footage of the "way back home" project. Initially when I posted this, the video had over 800k views, four days later and the video has now totaled over 2 million views.

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