My Side Hustle

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, lockdown started and many people turned to me for online marketing advice. I couldn't help everyone in my spare time and knew that Google Ads is something every business owner can do. I couldn't find anything quick, easy and affordable online - so my wife and I started thinking of a way to help many people with a single solution, RADS Academy was born. 

Google Advertising Course

Several months later we produced an online course, not a normal online course - ours is a toolkit. A toolkit that will help anyone get set up with Google Ads, running their own digital advertising campaigns across search, display and YouTube channels. We've added Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager in as well, so people can start tracking their websites, create conversion goals and remarketing audiences for Google Ads. 

We've mapped out every step in the Google advertising process as a valuable guide for the layman. It's like having a private Google Ads consultant show you how to do it. At the end of the course people will have built their own accounts and be ready to launch their campaigns, which is far better than just having an understanding and a certificate.

Interested? Have a look at and get started!

Since RADS Academy was launched, I've added a freelance digital advertising consultancy to the mix. If you need help with Google Ads, Analytics or just an honest opinion regarding online advertising, check out and get in touch.