Apr 19, 2010

AdsMitchell - Mobile Technology Continues to Grow

Could you live without your mobile phone? Answer would probably be that you would be lost without it, feel like a part of you is missing. The mobile industry is certainly one that many marketers are harnessing to reach mass audiences. According to wiki a whopping 82.9% of the South African population were accessing the internet from their cell phone in 2007 already. This figure has grown since then and with the rapid development of android smart phones, we will see an even larger increase in the future. I have compiled a fun list of videos relating to the mobile advertising and marketing industries, which I hope you will enjoy. 

T-Mobile put together this very awesome, very worth watching, "Life's worth sharing" campaign in 2009, which emphasizes the thought of how instrumental mobile devices are in our daily lives. In a very cool way! 19,743,639 views

A symphony of mobile users with amplified speakers coming together in harmony. Of course with the international reach that mobile devices have, there are people playing music and sharing it with others all over the world, from their phones. An app for iPhone called Ocarina that converts your phone into a flute. Blowing into the microphone! 116,665 views

A very cool run through of the development of mobile phones from 1985 to 2007 with some future prediction back then. Watch the images transform as they take you through memory lane. 63,742 views

Boost Mobile, a contract free pre paid mobile phone company with an advert featuring the drummer from Blink 182 and Box Car Racer - Travis Barker. 1,547,566 views

This was a hoax advertising campaign put together by a company selling blue tooth headsets. The video went viral, inline with their attempt to get people to try and mimic the outcome. It did work as people started posting their own test videos and trying to pop corn too. However maybe not the best choice as many may have been let down and frustrated, including me.                          

YES, I am gullible!

To end off this post, I would like to say thanks for reading/watching and thanks to ReadWriteWeb for inspiring. I am currently using a dumb phone, but have plans to get a smart phone mid year. I figure being in the industry, it would be beneficial to see what most of you see with full internet browsing phones. 
I also agree that most of the data in this post is old, but it still resonates within mobile context in my opinion. That said and concluded, I leave you in the capable hands of a very educational and informative slide presentation.

Mobile Marketing Trends 2010


  1. its amazing that the clam phone was inspired by Star Trek, a true case of live imitating art :)

  2. Thanks Anonymous - Yes it is an inspiring thought that ideas can come from anywhere. The Motorola StarTac with its "super cool" flip up screen, even the name sounds Star Wars like. I guess because it was so fancy back then the name was appropriate. It was the first phone to vibrate. Now touch screens, camaras and web capabilities are the norm. Scary how far the mobile age has come and is going to go!

  3. Technology is definitly speeding along!Kids born in this day and age are called technology natives as they aregrowing up with all the touch screen tech etc and are able to use them at such an early age, can you imagine what they will be using when they hit their 20's?

  4. Imagine is all we can do for now :) Thanks...