Apr 26, 2010

Ads Mitchell - Iron Man 2 AR Experience From Your Webcam.

Iron Man 2 is coming out in theater's on the 30 April 2010. If you can handle the quick down loadable app and the long load time (I was using slow wireless), it is worth it. Your web cam puts you in the suit of Iron Man, you can also view yourself with the mask open & climb inside with dial visuals. You can also record and share your experience! They give your avatar a bit of a persona with 10 voice prompts that speak to you. Memorise them and you can have a full conversation with Iron Man before seeing the movie. 

To access the web site and augment reality experience, Click Here

You are able to step inside the Iron Man Helmet and get an experience first hand. You can also see an external view of you wearing the Iron Man Mask in both characters. See my recording below..

Official Trailer 


My Recording Trailer (music added by application)


  1. Iron Man identity finally revealed :) exciting engagement campaign, thanks for sharing !

  2. TravelDigital - nice one, I think so too. Thanks for participating!