Oct 19, 2010

Ambi Pur's Augmented Reality in a Retail Store

Total Immersion surprised Spanish shoppers by setting up a clever and interactive in-store-promotion with a difference. Customers held up their Ambi Pur product and experienced a unique shopping experience. They say that reaching customers whilst in the act of shopping is very effective on sales. This usage of Augmented Reality in a retail store is one that I feel added value to the consumer and the brand. It seems like customers used refill cartridges to spark off the experience. Refills mean that they were also encouraging people to get their old Ambi Pur's releasing goodness again, rather than switching and trying a competitor. Enforcing the brand in a very cool way and I am almost sure it resulted in people buying the extra "auto sprayers" too. A nice touch to the display is that it also released the fragrances as a "sample" to the audience whilst being entertained; mmm this store smells awesome :-)


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