Jul 21, 2010

Un-F**k The Gulf

Oil Spill Charity "F-Bomb-A-Thon" from UnF--kTheGulf.com on Vimeo.

The unfortunate event of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on 20th April shocked us all. Everyone turned anti BP, yet we all at some point suck their product with our motor vehicles and anything that has an engine. This is a brilliant campaign that is socially aware and community orientated as a good cause. A vulgar taste, but I do not think I would have given it much attention otherwise. A massive attempt to get the gulf cleaned up as soon as possible. Get a $13 t-shirt ("$5 of which benefits gulf wildlife rescue and eco action"), vote for the charity you think the money should go to and share the message.  I tried purchasing a t-shirt and got the, "...does not deliver to that address via Google checkout (Cape Town, SA)" message, but this is me sharing it. Today the @unF--kTheGulf twitter account said they will be looking into shipping to areas outside of the US due to demand. 

Visit the website unf--kthegulf.com
See an infographic timeline of events

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