Jul 14, 2010

Measurable Social Advertising on TwitVid

TwitVid is a video sharing network that REELSEO said have, "mysteriously" launched SocialAds. Adverts below videos that would encourage you to engage with the brand in question. The beautiful thing that caught me the most is that it works on a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising model. The advertiser gets a very captivating space right under the focal point (the video) on the page. The unique part about it is that the advertiser is paying for a follow, retweet or a "like".

This would mean that even as much as a click to say you "like" the video, will be payed for. This is not actually that bad a thing if you think about it. You stand to gain some exposure or credibility for your video and brand with every cent spent. It will be measurable of course as each engagement is connected to a paid click. Firstly on the home page there will be a "Featured TwitVid" video displayed above the others and will be right under the search bar on twitvid.com. Once this has caught your attention and you click through to see the video, you will be previewed to SocialAds under the video. All of which can broaden a brands exposure; facilitate communication directly to ones targets audience, building reputation and increase awareness of any brand, product or service.

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