Jun 7, 2010

Street Soccer Tour

Edgar Davids (Dutch football legend) and his team have passionately been touring since the 18th of May and spreading street soccer talent. Starting in Amsterdam, they traveled to the UK, France, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya and are currently in SA. They have been to Jo'burg and are now in Cape Town for the kickoff at the end of the week. Visit the YouTube Channel and definitively watch the welcome video.

The Official YouTube Blog published a post that gives deeper insights regarding the history of Edgar Davids and the tour. They also added that Edgar will be participating in Grassroots projects to provide health care and education to thousands.

Two really good videos to watch in the YouTube post. Inspirational soccer skills and words/song from the MYSA community in Nairobi. MYSA stands for Mathare Youth Sports Association. "Mathare is one of South Africa's greatest slum's." Encouraging to see the hope that the tour and team have brought to the lives of many Africans. Soccer is uniting us all right now!  

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