Jun 8, 2010

Google Street View, Navigate into our World Cup Stadiums!

Google Street View crawls around South Africa just in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Cruising around our street in the Toyota Prius, I saw the cars a few times as work in progress. This guy captures a view inside our beautiful stadiums on a bicycle! To fully see it launched today was huge. Tourists and locals can now use the giant's street view to navigate our street! If you are proudly South African like me, you will be able to find your house and every view you can imagine!

I am really enthused by this as I was in London when they first released street view and was blown away. We all remember the hype about privacy and people being busted doing things they shouldn't have by the still images, but it is a cool tool to use. I used it to make sure I got out at the right tube station, worked like a charm. We are lucky in SA for being the host country of the World Cup, because we got street view too!

Go to Google Maps and drag the "yellow man" above the "zoom in" bar over your desired destination! The street view link above indicates which stadiums are available so far. 

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